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Thread: Make your Goalkeeper feel important

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    Make your Goalkeeper feel important

    So many threads abt Goalkeeper which i think they been overlook in this games.Here i make a thread so to make Goalkeeper just as important as other player in this game.Managers feel free to post your Goalkeeper stats and saves they made in games not including Asso Fa and friendly.Make them feel important.
    Here is mine mid season so farPlayed 30 2motm with 42saves.

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    Do you record your GK saves after each game?

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    Once upon a time i set him every kicking possibility

    nowadays he is doing only CKing
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    This season GK is the best I had since I start playing this game
    29 matches,25 clean sheets

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    It would actually be nice to see some other stats with goalies. Goals conceded, saves made, etc.... I loved the one picture where the goalie made so many goals and assist when taking CK/FK/Pen. My goalies right now are not consistent. Numbers range from 5-9.
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    Desert Rats two 'keepers - agree with the stats comments, replace 'Goals scored' and 'Assists' with 'Goals conceded' and 'Saves'...

    McKibben is the League 'keeper, Carroll does Champions League and Cup. They share the duty for Associations matches.

    Make your Goalkeeper feel important-dr-kevin-mckibben-61m.jpgMake your Goalkeeper feel important-dr-bismark-carroll-82m.jpg

    Goalkeeper stats for last season:
    McKibben - Ave rating 7.25; Matches played 26; MoM, 1; Goals conceded 18; Clean sheets 14; Saves 42; Opposition shots on target 97.
    Carroll - Ave rating 7.25; Matches played 21; Goals conceded 19; Clean sheets 11; Saves 45; Opposition shots on target 87.

    This season so far:
    McKibben - Ave rating 7.32; Matches played 15; Goals conceded 7; Clean sheets 10; Saves 25; Opposition shots on target 49.
    Carroll - Ave rating 7.39; Matches played 16; MoM 2; Goals conceded 6; Clean sheets 11; Saves 29; Opposition shots on target 56.
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