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Thread: Team full of unknown players

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    Team full of unknown players

    I opened today an account abandoned for almost three months and found 14 unknown retiring players between 32 and 34 years

    Although I did know that when contract expires players are released and replaced by these 14 unknown players, it was a pleasure that they filled perfectly the last tactical schema I have left in the game

    Some of them have double or triple positions although none of them had a special ability

    With the current draw of leagues and cups set on team quality, I am wondering if it's someway better to sell my players on last day of season, replace them with retiring 34yo ones, and next seasons settle for abandoned ones

    1) You get a full new team to know and manage. Indeed, you get a completely new team per month, and the players are given based on the schema you have set the last day of the season
    2) With league and cup draws set on quality, you happen with teams having the same quality. Assuming they are 99,9% abandoned ones, you are on the edge to win the league title simply doing a couple of training per day
    3) Market efforts become NONE
    4) .. and last but not least, given point 1, you don't lose any 20% going up

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    you cannot sell those veterans but yes, the new season you 'll have some more of them, to cover a 14 players squad .
    Also the quality affects the League and Cup draw but it's not strict.
    You might find some 5* teams.
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    I buy and sell a new team every season (apart from maybe 3 players) and also keep 10 or 11 Academy players, so I'll tend to have a 1 or 2 * team at the start of every season.
    The Cup and CL are now level based so I always come up against 5* teams, the plus side being that the league draw is done on the first day of the season rather than the third, so I can buy my new team now in time for the Cup draw and at least have a chance of staying in past the first round.