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Thread: Where are auto-subs?

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    Where are auto-subs?

    In the past (in the "old" version for sure) it was possible to specify auto-subs - who will substitute injured attackers, defenders, midfielders, wingers, and goalkeeper if I don't watch the game. In today's game this is what I see:

    Where are auto-subs?-p.jpg

    How is this related to auto-subs, and how to specify them?
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    You can't specify auto-subs nowadays - the match engine is supposed to substitute a suitable player to replace an injured player if you aren't there to do it yourself. Though how substituting a GK for an outfield player (and thus invoking the 20% possession penalty) is supposed to be a 'suitable' substitution is beyond me. This is based on my observations of the matches in the Leagues of my teams last season.

    The thus vacant tab which was previously for the specification of auto-subs is now used for listing the loaned-in players for your team.
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