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Thread: Tutoring & Advice (Buddy)

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    Tutoring & Advice (Buddy)

    Morning all. I've started to play this game quite frequently as of late as I'm really getting into it. I started mid February so I am just getting into my second season. I've read the guide which has proven to be rather helpful, a lot of which I picked up during season one.

    However, I am looking for something new. I'm doing decently in my games and I would always like to do better. What I'd like to try is a tutor/trading buddy, I would be completely honored if any of you experienced managers could have me on board as I'm willing to learn. In return, I'd be more than happy to be your practice partner should "catching up" be possible in this game and will return the favour in as many ways possible.

    Thank you all for reading!

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    In what way are you looking to do this? Facebook friends and work through it together that way with messaging and the chat system?

    Because tbh a lot of the stuff you learn you can do on your own! I had most of it figured out by my third season after starting from scratch!