So the situation is this :
I have a good team,58.1 / 59 cap(level 8).I'm doing ok in my league,had like 11 points before losing to a player i previously beaten with like 4-0(stupid engine i guess,he had a team a lot weaker).

In CL i did well,won the league.But here comes the thing i want some advising against !

While i was close to finishing the group stage,a level 8 dude wants to add me as friend.I didn't accept because i don't want to have friends in my league next season.I finish the group stages and this dude starts supporting all my opponents.I then notice he's in my CL knockout.Now i'm going to play him,after advancing in the competition and he has just rescheduled the match at 5.30 in the morning.Now i guess it's clear why he wanted to add me as a friend,to sabotage me with friendlies.I guess that says a couple of things about the person i'm going to play against...
He has an average quality of 59.3 and two 64(scout coin bought players) and a lot of 59 players.
So yea,he has a pretty good team.
He's currently using this formation :


I doubt he's gonna keep it,he's probably gonna change it but still.
What can i do against him ? Should i use normal,defensive,attacking,high preasure,hard tackling,should i play offensive home(first match) and a bit defensive after ?
I mean the formation i'll have to deal with it myself but what orders ?
And are there any other ways i can use to get some advantages ? I usualy don't hold grudge like this but this dude is playing it a bit dirty and he's too much into the game not to deserve it.

So ? What are your advice ?