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Thread: New guy in the city

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    New guy in the city

    Hi! Actually i'm not really new at TE. I had a team a couple of years ago, and now i'm back with the same team.

    The game had several changes this time and now i have many problems that I will like you to help me with.

    I got quite a ****ty team. Only 1 6* that it's not performing, the rest of the players where young but not that good. I made 3-4 signings, but the team is having bad results. Now I'm 4th with at least 12 points less than the 1st. I was sacked from the cup at 1/16 and i wasn't playing CL.

    Right now I have a mess in the head. I'm in no man's land. I have no options to fight the title but I don't know if the solution is tanking.

    Taking this into account, what would you do? I try to further strength the team or should i tanking for the next season?

    In either option, could someone help me with the squad, please?

    thank you very much and sorry for my bad english!

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    If you are still in time tank. Your young players will have more time to grow and next season you will only need 1 or 2 good signings hopefully. You will lose CL competition but who cares. Next year if your team is not ready now it will be even worse, forcing you to spend more tokens to improve it.