What I would like to comment:
I was plaing with the same guy on CL and Cup.
For the start everything looks Ok .Cup. Nut then CL
I did't receive any defeat against this opponent, ecen against any different oppo this season. So basically my tactick wAs doping great....
Even a draw.
And this season Ieasly beat this oppo in cup, our way cross in cl- result the same I won.
First game in cup. I won, second game I won.
The same rule for tactic
Ok... and nów we talk about CL at this season....
First game... I Lost with 3 goals ahed ...4-1 at my płace with the same tactic I won previous season

....hmmmmm something strange was happend....

Ok but we had a second game I was thinking:/
I was mutch stronger and I Lost to a player with 3 strik

Łikers and 3 mid players
Second game ....hmmm always used to 4-1-2-2-1 or 3-1-3- this time I Lost....
Hmmm ....
Hard attack and marking with indywidual pressing
I receive informatio that my oppo shoots more than me after First half:/

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