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Thread: First and second part of the season

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    First and second part of the season

    Is it just me, or is the first part of the season always better than the second?
    For example, in the first half, I played 36 games, 28W-4D-4L. Goals: 142-37 (Inc. all competitions, cup, champions league, league, and associations) Got 25 yellows, no reds, only 2 injuries and assisted 95% of the games.

    But on the other hand, I played 9 games, 4W-2D-3L. Goals:16-10. And I've already gotten 9 yellows, 2 reds and 1 injury only in this week! And I assisted all the games, unlike the first half.

    I've been playing for more than a year and its the first time I've noticed it. Is this happening to you guys as well?

    Thanks for your attention.

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    Mine is opposite in the first half I tend to draw against bogus teams. Second half I win almost all my matches

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    I've lost the league in the past in the last 3 matches without losing any previous games at that point. There are some posts in here about the strength of unattended bot teams and maybe this is the case with your team this season, since you said you didn't attend most of the matches of the first part.