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Thread: Bidding token scam in plain sight?

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    Exclamation Bidding token scam in plain sight?

    I know the text is long, but if you're a fan I think is worth it to give it a go...

    I've played t11 two/three years ago, back in the days of the old auction system and simpler layouts. I've stopped playing it because I've started to predict things with very little margin (results, when a player would get injured, how the moral would change, etc...).

    It came to point in which I was having better results when I was playing against the "system" rather than focusing in the game strategy itself. That's when I left the game.

    With the new auction system, I've decided to give it a go again. This is what I've seen so far:
    Bidding token scam in plain sight?-image.jpgBidding token scam in plain sight?-image.jpg
    I've stopped taking more photos since the end result was clearly becoming the same.

    I'm posting this in the forum, since I didn't receive any response by other methods and I would really like to know how this is possible, and how can this be seen in a positive manner (And before you jump in your conclusions, look at the photos and their squads because NO level +20 players don't need that player. Not to mention, how can a player so significantly lower show up in their auction?)

    The fact that we can't communicate with other players feeds this system. And a pattern emerge (try it yourself):
    - when bidding in a player see the other bidders. If they are around your level, probably they are real, carry on as usual;
    - If there are only bidders way over your level, check their squad and confirm that they have a squad way superior with all stars, and they have a lot of reserves. Let all "fake" players bid (they probably raise your bid by 4/5 tokens) and only in the end place your final bid and the player is yours. Don't bid with "false" bidders as they are going to keep raising your bid.

    Give me a positive explanation to this, it's all I'm asking. I can take with programmed injuries, random morale drop to use packages.... It's ok, it's your pay check, and you're making a lot of money out of it and you deserve it. But the possibility of this low scam in plain sight it's just too insulting for us players/customers.

    What have you all seen?

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    You don't understand the new system.

    The bidders all see the player at a level commensurate with their level, and at an equivalent cost. So you're bidding 20M for the player, your opponent is offering a bid much higher (and you're seeing that converted to a cost for your level).

    There's no scam, its just the way it works now.

    See this thread for more info:

    New Auctions Tutorial - Changes & New Features
    Any formation or tactics advice given is based purely on experience with my teams...

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    Bidding is open to all level. They are tanker, loan exploiter or crazy token buyer.
    How about this one.
    How much do you think this guy spent?

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    So they are buying it in an "adjusted" manner as the association games? From what I've seen in the post, more people complain about that mpbut no "official" info was given. Is that mentioned anywhere? (It makes sense though, so after your answer this thread can be deleted. It's not clearly mentioned in the thread you sent but it points out to the same result)