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    +1 history
    +1 interactive transfer market

    Absolutely basics for a football manager. Noone really needs any cosmetics

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    They speak about a challenge. History is not a challenge, neither the transfer market.

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    My guess is it's going to be a challenge about GD. I like passive challenges more than the challenges that require you to watch the game like the substitute challenge (unless we get an option to set subs at specific moments in the game before the match or when fielded players reach a certain condition).

    To be honest the lack of content in this update is rather demotivating. Currently the game lacks depth and there's little league competition which causes going on the game to be dull since a lot of these clubs aren't managed by real people. Easy fix would be to start deleting 1 month inactive accounts at the end of each season and creating a relegation zone at the bottom of leagues which virtually act as manager sack zones (thus the deleting of the relegated account).

    Also others things that cause the current development of the game to be annoying as there are simple easy additions that Nordeus could make like adding rewards for having your players on the top scorers/assists/rating list. Even maybe throw in a shots to saves for keepers in that list. But no. This entire update is literally just one thing.

    I'm not mad Nordeus, I'm just disappointed.
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    Hmmm, maybe my ideas will be used. Interesting, lets see what they come up with. Challenges are nice indeed but some other stuff needs to be adressed sooner. History is something a lot of players asked for. I would also like to see the superleague in the stats and saves by goalkeeper should be included in the personal stats and should also be a top 5 list.

    My guess for the next challenge is the best line of defense. Least conceded goals maybe?
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    Why does the Chinese version of the webpage not display properly, and all the Chinese spaces are blank

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    Note: we recommend to all Managers to have their Top Eleven app updated in order to play the challenge.
    what about browser ?
    Is it only for mobiles ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ποσιδονας View Post
    what about browser ?
    Is it only for mobiles ?
    As far as I understand, browser-based T11 updates automatically

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    Quote Originally Posted by goldsilvy View Post
    As far as I understand, browser-based T11 updates automatically
    Yep. You can't prevent it updating on PC/browser version.
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    15 points for a GK goal?
    This is going to be interesting hahahaha

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    Quote Originally Posted by ly215129 View Post
    Why does the Chinese version of the webpage not display properly, and all the Chinese spaces are blank
    Seems that there is an issue with the Chinese, Arabic and Japanese fonts. :/ The localization team is on it.

    The new All Out Attack Challenge thread is up btw, and as @axd23 noticed, the info is available in game as well!
    Check it out everyone.

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