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Thread: Away is the new Home - Nordeus

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    Away is the new Home - Nordeus

    I know I'm not the first to raise this topic, and maybe it's to no avail.
    But still: Why is it easier to win away games than home games? There must be something wrong with the parameters. You should probably get, say, +10 instead of +5 when playing before your home supporters.

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    Either there is something wrong (error or fault) or what has been happening is intentional or it is a combination of both, be it what you observed concerning the match venue or what some people observed concerning abandoned teams or troll results. Dices or RNGs on their own don't know what is away or home (if you see what I mean). For me, there is not much sense in terms of football concerning the outcomes in this game, the settings used and what happens on the pitch, and I can understand many of the complaints and suspicions of some users. You spoke of possession, but does it even matter in this game in certain cases? For explanation purposes, even if your team had 99% of possession, the team will still lose if the game wants it to lose. Some users have noticed that not attending matches gave better results. Should that be the case in a normal football management game? No. In my opinion, lot of things that should be important according to football have no importance and logical effects in this game; the game goes more according to something else instead of 'football mechanics and logic'. So, either it was meant to be like that (intentionally programmed) or the game itself is broken.
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    This and last season I have better stats home