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Thread: Cheaters!!!

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    I don't get why some you zombies call teams with lots of riches and good players cheaters. I wanted to become a cheater myself because I tried a few cheat hacks. I liked that damn fking facebook page many times, share links many times, ****ing bastards! Then I ended up buying tokens, first it was just to buy players at auction but when I came to the forum I follow July's Power training and that's when it costs real money, but not even that much, like a fancy dinner.

    I have 3 accounts, 2 no buying and 1 buying. The one that buys tokens actually have tough time winning championships because in Cups always 3,4 levels higher, CL full of scout buyers, and league 9 friends, we line up from 1-10 place and the 10th place team has 2 scouts. Every game for the token buying account is hard, I'm not complaining, i'm actually enjoying it, why the hell you zombies complain? The other 2 accounts it's so boring, only 2,3 important games/season, and I take almost every trophy in the way. 1 acc easy Transfer market so I built myself a almost scout team, highest quality every competition and never use $1. The other acc tough TM so I use U21 and just buy low quality, expensive young players. I'm 1st in the league, going to Cup final and beating scout teams on the regular. Just to show play the game in 3 different ways and still can win.

    WTF are you morons complaining about? If you don't know how to play the game and give up just when you see the opponents stars are little red then you piss your pants then quietly go!!! The reason you go on here posting a goodbye thread to the game because you can't win against cheaters is waste of every1 time. Who the hell are you? We don't care about you! We just hate it if you in our league. It's not fun beating your sorry ass 15-0. Like I said it many times before! If you are not buying tokens then just work hard like others, complete offers and hunt in the transfer market. Most of you lousy quitters don't even spend more than 10 minutes/day on the game and you talk so proud, being righteous and look down on cheaters. Just to let you know the cheaters, us, we play the game anytime we can, almost 24/7, that's why we always beat your brainless ass!

    From now on I suggest the MODs do the work!!! Close down those pointless threads that's written by brainless children.

    ps. I'm not talking anything about you Ice87.
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    Thread closed for insulting other members. Please do not resort to these kind of posts. Nothing good comes out of them.