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Thread: Video Offers For Packs (How Are You Getting Them?)

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    Used to get between 10-20 videos a day till 4-5 days back.
    Early morning....2-3 hours after server reset....used to watch all of them in a 30 min window.
    Suddenly decreased to 5-7 vids since last 4 days.

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    Thanks for the replies.

    Yes, if someone is getting around 15 video offers for packs, he should be happy these days considering the situation. For sure the number of video offers have been on the decline since the measure Nordeus took to prevent abuse as some people were getting as high as 100-150 packs per day. When action was taken, the cap was set at 50, but then it seemed that this cap was decreasing with time. While some decrease might be due to the offers providers themselves, it seems that Nordeus also had a hand in it. People that used to do offers frequently probably noticed that the cap itself was decreased with time; started at 50 or so, then went to 40, then lower, and with more time, it became like 15-19, but that seemed to have been lowered even more for some specific days of the week, where it can get as low as 3-5. When it was set to 50, that was meant to stop abuse, then 40 ok, but why lower? So clearly, Nordeus had some plans or intentions despite that they kept on denying it and putting the blame on the offer providers. It is their game and they have the right to lower it for whatever reasons including business reasons, but why lie about it? Seriously, the integrity of this company has to be put into question. It also seems that there is account selection (google account) or device selection (type of Android device), probably by the offer providers or the offer system, unless the problem is with the device itself. Those that used several devices may have noticed that. It seems that some Android devices or google accounts get more offers, or get more in one go, and some get less despite that the same game account was used and the user was in the same country.

    I used to play this game without video offers for packs as I was playing on the browser version only. It was even more difficult during that time as there were a lot of injuries. Later, I tried playing on another platform (Android) after seeing many users talking about offers on the forum; this was around when Nordeus set the cap to 50. I got packs from video offers and things became different. There was less stress or worry about injuries or about the condition of players; things looked easier. Also, I started training players positions, boosting their quality and so on - something that was not possible to be done before in some way to say, though I did buy tokens and convert them to green packs during the first period I started playing this game, did some training for quality boosting, adding a special ability and so on, but found out that the cost was really expensive and it was not worth it. So, those that used to get a lot of offers but nowadays get little to no offers, I can understand them.
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