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Thread: How do I tell when someone last played the game?

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    How do I tell when someone last played the game?

    I want to join an association but I want to find out if the players already in it are still active. Is there a way to do this? I don't want to join and they are never online.

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    Hehe, you should consider you are not exactly the one who is going to decide... If you're not happy with your asso, leaving is not a big deal: it just takes one click ! To be accepted is slightly more difficult: they are the ones who take the risks, not you !
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    I would only join if there are many bonus given. If they are not able to make 2 clicks per week, they are passive in everything else too.

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    There is a blue dot that shows everytime someone is logged in but you have to be part of the association to see that. If you are not friends with any one of them is a little harder to tell. Try seeing their best players if they are active they surely must have signed someone this season.