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Thread: Game most negative points!

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    Angry Game most negative points!

    The new update was more bad than good!! the worst is;

    - Tranfer market - This new system it´s a "hidden trap" that the game creators have done to make us spend 100 times more tokens than the last system!! Now, to buy a player, it´s an authentic jungle, and in general we don´t spend less than 25/35 tokens to buy just one player!! The fake question "give back tokens if you don´t win" it´s a complete fraud to make us happy when in fact we are sepending much more!! this was the worst update for us, but the best for the game creators I bet!!!

    then why not creat real changes to make it better for the users? such as;

    - finish this new crap tranfer system. The old one is much more reasonable and fair!
    - why must we pay so many tokens when we want to buy from a friend? This is extortion just to make us spend tokens!! This should be reviewed and make a more fair system!
    - to improve habilities and give a player more positions, it´s ridiculous the amount of points needed ( 50 )....why so many??? Half ( in maximum ) should be the more adjusted and fair quantity!
    - the tokens asked to buy players from the scout and recomended players!! Ridiculous!! Again, extortion just to make us spend tokens!!

    this are my suggestions to make the game more enthusiastic, fun andvabove all, more playable for us!!

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