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Thread: Resetting Levels Each Year

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    Resetting Levels Each Year

    Honestly the league can be so unbelievable boring, easy and uncompetitive sometimes. How would you guys feel about having complete game resets every year? You lose all your progress and everybody is put back to square one. I know this sounds unattractive to people with maxed out things and teams injected with token steroids but it would be nicely competitive. And it can be made so that the promotion margin is narrower so that each season for promoted teams, competition is strictly stronger, up until the point that there are only the 14 best who have been promoted every month and they play out the 12th month in a highly competitive league visible by the entire game community.

    Edit: For those of you wondering the math. It's entirely possible to end up with 14 teams at the end of the year IF 4 teams are promoted at each level with a sample of around 4.7 million players at the beginning of the year. If you have less players, you widen the promotion margin; more players, you narrow the promotion margin.
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