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Thread: Money Struggles

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    @CJ: You could be my brother. I have the exact same playing style

    One more tip to save money. Try to get young players that last for multiple seasons. Young fast trainers (hard to spot in higher levels though) will normally last for 4-6 seasons which means you won't have to buy more then 2-3 new players every season on average. This is the biggest money saver if you ask me (and more importantly token saver). Even if they are not good enough anymore and you get them to 79/99% you will still get a good price and 2-3 tokens for them. I sold a MC with playmaker ability for 158 mln and 5 tokens a few days ago and he was 26.
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    Here's an example. Bought this player for 59% quality. As you can see, it cost me 110 and 1 token bid from the transfer market. I had this player less than a few hours before someone came in with an offer. 132 Million and 5 tokens.

    In just one simple signing, I made 22 million and 4 tokens profit now do this multiple times and watch the $$$ roll in.

    *I know my tokens and bankroll have changed since I said I had 1.8 Billion (or something) ... I just went on a bit of a spending spree, just because I can

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    I'm not really sure what I do, but I've been pulling in about $1 billion the last few seasons. I win 1 or 2 competitions each year and maintain a 90% to 110% team. Level 26, currently work $7 billion. I set my win bonus too 7.5 (1st level) for league and 11.5 (2nd level) for the rest. I only buy 1-2 players a year. I use the higher token youth academy players and sell the 0 token. Every other season or so, I'll buy a 79 token recommended player that is 19yrs old. I wish I could but green packs with the cash.

    Lastly, I just play my players until they reach 79%, 99%, etc. Then I'll lock that down with SA or position training and hopefully someone gives a decent offer.

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