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Thread: [story time] fastest injury i had so far

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    [story time] fastest injury i had so far

    to day i sign my new central midfielder player
    [story time] fastest injury i had so far-20170805_192315.png
    then this happend
    [story time] fastest injury i had so far-20170805_192152.jpg
    yes, only takes 2 minute and he is a sub too!

    now let's simulation what really happend in the pitch that time...

    min 68'
    this CM called for sub, as new player he really awkward when he enter the pitch.

    opponent that already tired and angry because of loses the match sees him as new target to bully...

    even a small rock on side of the field try to tackle him before he enter, by good fortune my player see the rock and avoid it safely.

    "you puny little rock, not to day. this is my first debut" my CM say.

    min 70'
    but opponent seems displease seeing my new player had such a beginner luck on his side. the guy grab the small rock and throw it right into my new player cause him almost die

    witnessing what happen right before his eyes, referee give a yellow card (he forgot to bring any red card to day)

    all this event happend so quickly the game engine can't decide what to do, so... with his old old algorithm it made a quick conclusion.

    "shut up! this is all make sense!" by game engine

    (really ?) The End
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    Haha! Excellent. So realistic too. Those damn rocks are a pest and should be banned.

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    I have had direct red card for spitting in the first minute of the match. I mean come on there was nothing that could justify that anger. The thing is the game doesn't differentiate between early game or late game.
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    Hahaha really funny thread
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