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Thread: The Game of Ghosts

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    The Game of Ghosts

    I am now in level 29 but i don't remember facing more than 3-4 active managers each season since maybe 10 months or more ....

    It's nice to win the league easily every season but with more competition, the challenge and victories would be more exciting.

    Top 11 can do many things to attract new players or bring back the managers who have uninstalled the game ...

    Here are some setbacks and suggestions ( don't hesitate to add some more )

    The new auction list has pushed hundreds of managers away every month. I sent a msg to top 11 asking them to abide the bidding by the managers from same level in order to decrease the craziness of bidding. I also asked them to show only 5 stars players from ALL position in every round of bidding instead of ridiculous 3 stars players and to increase the time from 4 minutes to half an hour or an hour like the old system since many managers can't wait for long time to find what they need , till now nothing changed.

    The troll results also is another factor that is pushing more managers away. This should be fixed or at least decreased to minimum ....

    The absence of socialization makes the game boring ... training can end in 5 minutes , the two games last like 10-15 minutes...
    hunting players on auction, and supporting friends ... what else to do ? nothing ! so why don't top 11 understand that we managers like to chat with each other ? why they don't allow us to contact other managers and text them ? is it difficult to be arranged ? I don't think so since it's there in each association ... but still this feature is not available to managers who are not in the same association

    Many of us are there also because we have an ego inside us that want us to show off ... aren't we ? why they don't bring back the museum idea where other managers can see what we have collected over the years ?

    The lack of energy ( rest ) adds the problems ... few of us now play friendlies during the season because we of the lack of rests.
    we are living in the age of speed yet the time needed to gain energy is long and the amount of 6 % is not enough ... I suggest adding
    10 % energy each 3 hours. Offering up to 25 rests daily from video ads will encourage the training and with more managers online to train more advertisements will come, top 11 win money , and also managers benefit...

    The problem of timing ... Fixed timings for games in afternoon or at night instead of random ones will encourage more managers to show up after they finish their work , school , university etc...

    The bonus limit should not be limited to 15 % max. The appearance of managers should be encouraged by 10% and each fan should be decreased to 1 % bonus instead of 2 % to force managers to support each other more and more and spend more time in the game....don't we all love to see tens of managers supporting us

    The auction should be opened during the saturdays and sundays not all the time which will force managers to focus on training... The number of displayed players should be in hundreds each hour to decrease the craziness of bidding hower.

    The problem of decreasing 20 % each season should end by making the power based on points rather than stars.
    for example if my players are in league 29 have 165 points power at the end of L 29 and I was promoted to league 30
    I should increase their power to 170 points either by training or buy other players..

    Selling scout players should be restricted to 3 players maximum per season ( FAIR PLAY) and tanking should not be allowed for more than one season because it's kind of cheating. Teams who tank for two seasons should be punished ( paying a fine of 50 tokens or the deduction of 10 % of their money ).

    Introducing competitions based on geographic location by making the league restricted to one or few geographically close countries and the champions league regional ( east asia - middle east- africa - europe - america ) and cup should be very prestigious like a world cup where the best managers from all over the world fight for this title and thousands of managers allowed to watch the final game !!! don't think bring money to nordeus by selling tickets and more ads ?

    Bidding on results , negotiations among managers to sell - buy - lend players WITHOUT A FEE should be introduced to help managers win tokens and spend time more in the game ...

    This game has a lot of potential to draw players from other football games but it seems that programmers are definitely narrow minded or unwilling to improve the game
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    For me I reduced my team quality from 119.6% to 93 percent at d end of last season. Now I'm d only active manager in my league, 12 out of 13 of my opponents are at about 40% quality I currently have almost 500 pts in the current mini game because I score at least 7 goals in each game. It's so boring
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