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Thread: Updates update.

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    Updates update.

    16 release/version updates in 50 weeks!
    I'm sorry, but if my product needed updating that often I'd be wondering what was wrong.
    Stop with the mini games/ challenges. No one is happy when they don't work right, they seem to lead to other bugs within the game (missing possession bar, phantom goals.)
    Sort out/restructure associations. Penalise repetitive tankers. 1 season, fine. Multiple seasons NO. I've said since I figured out what was happening with the loan for rest packs scam that associations will be the end of Top Eleven. These teams with the ability to ruin your whole season in one match.
    But stop with the constant updates. Give us a couple of seasons and then come back at us with something that works.

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    I agree. I was just looking at the playstore ratings the other day the users who rated the game below 5 stars actually gave detailed reasons and explanations while most 5 star ratings were just "wow great game", "best game ever" etc. It is just an indicator that probably 95% of TE users eat everything as its served and don't care to analyze the product and Nordeus has every reason to be happy and continue their way without caring about the rest of us (that actually are trying to give feedback).
    In more than one year I've seen minor changes mostly bad (cough new transfer system cough) and none in the gameplay department.

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    One question for the admins of this forum-Are you planning to do something with the associations,to be fair for all?because now associations are a waste of time for those who are not manipulating them and i would like to know,as I don't want to waste any more of my time.
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