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Thread: Do Player Ratings really matter?

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    Do Player Ratings really matter?

    I have been perplexed over the so-called player ratings. I have seen a lot of matches where the defender, who is rated like 3 stars, outruns my striker (rated 7 stars) to get to the ball and make the clearance.

    Or this situation where the player with the ball has a perfect shooting opportunity but for some weird reason chooses to pass back to a team mate who then sometimes passes it even further back. Come on!!! I expect my striker to be so full of confidence that he shoots whenever he sees the goal post, not to pass back like an Arsenal player, for God's sake!
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    you have to realize the game is broken as far as the live action is concerned. there are constant examples of passing backwards when behind the last defender. the sooner you realize the game is none sense, the sooner you will be able to enjoy it more. dont take it seriously at all or it will make you lose your mind, it is just a bit of fun, there isnt much logic to it that i have seen
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