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Thread: What to expect from each role in the squad ?

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    Exclamation What to expect from each role in the squad ?

    Its my 10th season. I (believe ) have figured out a little of the game.
    At least it got me 2 of 3 thropies for the last 4 season. And I miss treble at cup finals 2 times.
    And I like to hear about your ideas.

    My best area is midfield. My both ML/MR/AMC has goal ratio of nearly 1 per game like 145 goals at 150 games. They always perform 8-9-10, rarely 7.
    Im also good at wing backs. My DR and DL peform 8-7 mostly and score like 8-10 goals each season.( I think its enogh contribution for defenders)
    My MC is also good in my opinion. He scored 30 goals at 50 games. And perform like 8 point in %75 of the games.

    But i have no idea of what to expect from the players at other positions.

    My STs has goal ratio of 0.5. 50 goals at 100 games. In every 5 games, they perform 7points 3 times and 8points 2 times They are also low in number of assists.
    My DCs...I think i found emotional guys. They can perform like 6-6-6-7-6 or 6-8-7-7-8 in 5 games of row. No stability
    MY GK also can go between 6-9 points at any game even against week teams . No stability.

    How about your teams. Is the goal ratio of 0.5 good for STs ? All of yours DCs and GKs perform unstable like this ( and they rarely perform 9-10 points) ?
    Should I not expect more for these roles ?Did I ask to much questions ?
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    The ST not scoring is a well known problem for a lot of players I had it myself, 0,5 is actually not bad at all. I kinda forgot about it since for around 8 seasons I've had 2 great main ST. But now I'm facing the same problem with my new ST and I think it has to do with the formation.
    What to expect from each role in the squad ?-screenshot_2017-08-31-10-25-01.jpgWhat to expect from each role in the squad ?-screenshot_2017-08-31-10-25-17.jpg
    In the formation I play with an AMC my ST Mayer scored a lot, he scored 25 goals in 25 matches in one season and 23 in 24 in another one. He combined a lot with my AMC Son giving assists to each other, Son was also a top scorer, my other few goals from this formation usually came from my ML and MR but the 2 players carried the weight.
    This season I'm mainly using 4-5V-1 and my new ST is suffering a lot with only 3 goals. Son now plays as an AML and continues to be my main source of goals with my other winger. Also I have had more goals from my MC's and even the defenders sometimes. I think ST's perform better when they have an AMC or another ST beside them.
    The game suggests that playing through the middle helps them and I find that true in my experience, but you also need to have some players there like I mentioned.
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    If you're a normal player that doesn't game the draw system, you're not going to be scoring 5 goals every match.

    I generally look for a distribution of 50/35/15 for ST/MC/DF. The people with obscene 1.5+gpm averages are usually a part of incredibly strong teams or are rebuilt around them every season. Granted, there are exceptions, (Costa comes to mind), but generally 0.5 gpm is decent and anything above 1 is exceptional.

    you could always try training a high def high physical striker for a lone pressing poacher hat never goes offside?
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