Hey Top Eleven team,

A bit of feedback from an avid player who after season 4 is hardly finding any motivation to keep going, I'd be curious to get your feedback and opinion:

- The game never improves: since I've started there hasn't been a single improvement to the game itself, only some extra jerseys which might get you money in the short term, not in the long one as players get bored since the game stays the same

- I feel like the managerial impact you can have is almost zero: at the beginning I'd change my formation according to opponents' formations, after seeing some random results, I just stick to the same one and I keep winning. I only make sure to buy some players at the beginning of the season and keep the conditioning under control. Again, not too exciting

- Where's the social aspect of the game?! I'd love to play friendlies against my friends (friendly tournaments would be even more awesome), however I'm never able to because these impact the condition of my players. Also most of my friends keep being on a different server, I can't even watch their games. Allowing users to play friendlies, challenge their friends, test new tactics, without consequences on players conditioning would be a win win situation

Top Eleven is by far the best Managerial game on Facebook, the game and mobile app design are top quality. Of all the feedback I gave above, the lack of a social component is the most concerning one, as well as the one that will eventually make me quit.

What do you think?