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Thread: About the auctions on Transfer Market

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    About the auctions on Transfer Market

    Seriously, is there any missinformation passing around on the forums or on the help page?

    I just won an auction in 9 knocout rounds for a very good 19yo MC.

    I competed at first with 3 guys, that quickly turned into a fight between me and another guy.

    This guy bet 4 tokens on the inicial round!!
    This guy bet 3 tokens in the 1st knockout round!!
    For every other knockout round until 9, he always bet 2 tokens p/round!!

    I wasted 10 tokens, while he wasted around 19 and lost!

    I came up with 3 options:

    -He loves Nordeus and is rich
    -He is not informed at all how this works
    -He is a nordeus employer that does this on purpose so i waste more tokens

    I saw on a quick search that this is a recurrent situation.
    Should the information about the funcionality of the transfer market be more clear?

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    Nordeus will always just keep the info on how it's supposed to work for those willing to look for it. Otherwise they'd just talk themselves out of money that the silly people who can't figure out an obvious system pump into this game.

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    some players will do this to try and bully you out of auction, i`v had 1 player bid 5 times in 4th round and won in 5th round using my 5 tokens