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    play 3 friendly with much weaker team u might get 2-3 blue packs/game for sure

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edupon View Post
    i'm actually in first of my league by 2 points... i lost 3 on the last 4 games, even playing with better team and using counter formation... (i do not piss of about that, i know that is a game and **** can happens, but i really want to win the league)

    First of all i need help with Moral Boosters, since i lost 3 from 4 matches and the moral of my players are low...
    PLEASE send me moral boosters fast so i can win tomorrow and get the trophy!

    and i need help against 3-2(DML/DMR)-3N-2 ... i NEED to win that match, the opponent have low quality team but he have 6 wins and 1 draw on the last 7 games... im kinda worry about that hahaha
    Attachment 4582

    PLEASE help me with that... i lost using counter formations on the last game, the guy used 4-4-2 classic and i used 4-5-1 V style and lost by 4-2... he had more possession, more shoots with a lower quality team =/

    help help help

    sorry for the big post and sorry for my bad english =]
    For your next opponent using 3-2-3-2: use 4-4-2 classic, attacking, zonal, normal tackle, mixed passing, up the middle.

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