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    Hey guys, I have a top eleven account with Facebook and one of my friend has account with Apple ID . Do you guys have any idea how can I add him?

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    Hey Sureiz and welcome to the forum!

    In Top 11 you can add someone as a friend in two ways:
    1) Add them through the game itself - This is possible only in the case that you and the other manager are on the same server. When created, Top 11 accounts are allocated to one of many servers by the system. The server you and anyone else ends up may be different and this is because the system will try to find the optimal server for the user based on their location on the globe.
    The easiest way to know if someone is on your server is if they are an opponent in at least one of your competition groups, e.g. Cup.

    2) Add them on Facebook - If yours and your IRL friend's account are linked with a Facebook profile and are Facebook friends, you will both see each other in your in-game friendlist over at the Home screen.

    From what I read in your post I suppose the best option would be if your friend links their Top 11 account with a Facebook profile and both of you become friends on Facebook.

    Note: Linking a Top 11 account with a Facebook profile is permanent!

    Football Associations
    If you'd like to play together with your friend I would suggest that both of you join or create your own F.A. group. This feature doesn't require managers to be on the same server or be Facebook friends and what not.
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