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Thread: Your thoughts on the game?

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    Since i was a token buyer i had reserve 5* and top 11 players 6*~ 7* so ... from now on i will try to have a top 11 players and some low reserve since i wold not afford to buy so great players

    So for me first 11 best players and about reserve i don`t care

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    It all depends on the resources you have and what comes by. I don't force myself to stick to any plans. the game is enjoyment for me so I don't care what ppl say, I like my players to be as best as I can afford and have multiple positions and SA, they are just bonus.
    As from what I have seen so far if you opt for the 1A style then you must have very good stars, better than the others in that field. example the whole squad is average, but your ST must be better than your competition to make up. If you opt for this style then ST is where you should invest since that position is important and has least players needed. then again just try to get the best of everything if you can, I mean after you have your perfect ST, you going to upgrade the rest too, so question 1 is kinda pointless.
    2) I like competition! I would stop upgrading my squad if I was overpowering too much.

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