My advice will be to buy after day 10 of next season. Then u can even buy 5 star players spending just 2-3 tokens. I have bought many buy spending just 1. In the 1st 7 days, these crazy token buyers(don't mind if u r one) turn the transfer market into fish market. If u r buying now(not recommended), buy only 5 star player below 26 years of age as he will turn int a 4 star. If u will need a 4 satr early next season, buy a 5 star now. I don't believe that anyone wud be buying 3 star players. I always buy high 4 stars or 5 stars. Once bought a 5 star dmc using one token only and he turned into a 6 star next match!!!!! That was in the midd;le of last season and he is still with me and will be with me next season as well. My best buy ever in 6 seasons!!!
Sorry 4 long post!!! Its my habit.