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Thread: (Deep) impact from the update

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    (Deep) impact from the update

    For a change, I will not complain for me but for the sake of my poor CL final oppo of the day. This guy on tuesday morning had very high hopes of winning an unlikely treble: he was flying unbeaten in his league, he just kicked me (the favourite) out of the cup with his terrible defensive wall, he was running big time to the CL final to face me, hopeless, about this stange tactic... And then, here came the update. His 3 DM tactic was by miracle (thanks to the disapperance of the DML/R) changed to a less convincing 5 def team, which I think is useless. And, boooooom: 4 losses and a draw later, he lost the cup (terribly trolled before the update), loss the lead in league (now praying that the leader will not be able to get 1 point in 2 games) and finally, was crashed by me in the CL final where I used the very tactic that got me out of the cup. This time, I dominated heavily when I was demolished both in shots and possession in the two cup legs. Poor him ! he has all my sympathy, honestly.
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    Antonio Gustavo Hernandez
    I'm thinking of same for my Chinese opponent, even though I was stronger than him until the final all the scores were balanced between us and our opponents.

    But today, he made a mistake that costed him to concede so many goals, which is while he was playing with 4-5-1V until the final, today he changed it to 3N-3W-2-1-1, was hoping his DR and DL would play like a DMR and DML, but no luck and he was also unlucky as his 2 star players booked red in the semifinal 2 leg, and one of his players booked a red today too.
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    It really is like a different game...

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    I shouldn't laugh but my story is similar to the poor guy. Dominated 1st half in the league and most of the second one and now in the last matches 2 draws (one with the 2nd to last team) and a loss against my rival (2 goals after the 80th minute). I always get my season ruined towards the end and I still don't know if this time is because of the update.
    I don't even care anymore. This game is more about hidden chemistry between players and I think the standings are determined days before the end comes.