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Thread: Resigning Expired Contract Players

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    Resigning Expired Contract Players

    I don't understand why I can't sign the player for 3 seasons like a standard maximum player contract...

    This is fairly annoying...but what is the reason for that? I have to resign these guys once every two seasons?

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    3 years is the maximum you can have any player signed for.

    My advice, after several discussions on the topic, is to let all your players contracts run out and resign them, if you want them, on the first day of the season.

    Reason being: the MANDATORY signing bonuses of 10% of the players worth will be less because they lost a *.

    Instead of paying $40K salary plus $98K signing bonus for my player, I pay $40K salary plus $83K signing bonus.
    For a whole roster, at my level, that could be a savings of anywhere from $500K to $1M or more depending on the quality of your players.