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Thread: Team Bonuses in Associations

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    Team Bonuses in Associations

    During our Assoc tournament my friend pointed out that he thinks team bonuses are more important after update that they were before.

    Do you think is it really the case ?

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    im not sure, but in my association, there are other 3 members like to share the bonus..

    and our association mostly win even fight stronger asso team because of that.

    and sometimes, they forget to share bonus and we lost to almost equal strength asso..

    but i always win even without bonus anyway.. its the other teammate who loss.. haha

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    Our asso group is half-bot lol
    Gert and Cat don't have or exchange bonus, Beckstar sometimes.

    I had 40% bonus, Gert 0%.
    In semi finals , I was watching and using my bonus and got 4 points.
    Gert none.

    We lost and in the "small" final I didn't watch my games (but still had a 40-44% bonus).
    Both had the same scores.

    don't know

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