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Thread: Christmas offer

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    Christmas offer

    So... I really want do know, why everybody of my friends get this offer, but I never saw/see that?

    Christmas offer-img_1734.jpg

    Am I marked, because I didn't bought a single token (even it could change - I mean... 1€ for 20T/15 greens let me think about that)?
    But in this case: none of my friends, who get this offer, bought tokens...

    Btw: it doesn't matter, if it's Android or iOS...

    I just try to get an answer here, because support told me the same as everytime (pre written message... ).

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    do we have christmas offer?coz i dont

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    I got this literally every 10 seconds in the last days, I didn't buy T either.
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    I never got a Christmas offer my Mrs did, but I did get the new year offer

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    I only got it on my second account. Would be helpful to know what level people are in who get the offer and also how many ressources they have.
    Because on my first account, which didn't get the offer, I have lots of tokens and packs and I'm level 45.
    My second account (Level 12) is very poor and did get the good offer.