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Thread: 10 men miracle.

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    10 men miracle.

    Red cards are inevitable and nerve wrecking, it seems like once your player gets sent off the match is already over for you. I'm curious do you have any stories of turning an important match around or winning with 10 men (not easy matches obviously I have plenty of those myself, more in CL,Cup knock off rounds), did you improvise some kind of ''desperate but winning tactics''.

    In real football sometimes teams can get harder to break once they are left with 10 men and park the bus.

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    In occasion of my first (small) treble,

    Cup final (133% vs 131%) I was winning 1-0 when my captain decided to take two yellow cards in around 7 minutes, causing a penalty kick for my opponent who draw 1-1

    After that I went to defensive mentality .. Never thought what would happen

    Won 6-1 with full merit ))
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    Well I just lost my first game of the season with 1-0 and 1 extra men because my opponent had red card, not even a single shoot on target. First troll of the season but can't complain as all together it was over expectation so far.

    Speaking of turning back, couple of seasons ago I was loosing by 2 goals and I also had 2 red cards but suddenly my team started to score like crazy and I had like 4 goals in 12 minutes I think and better opponent. I think was just luck or who knows, Top Eleven love me.
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    I hate red cards either for or against my team. I always have problems scoring when my opponent gets a red card particularly bot or abandoned teams, their defenders turn to super-humans after going a man down
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