In light of recent happenings in the forum I believe that we should remind ourselves of the forum rules. One very specific rule in that regard. Please carefully read the following text:

2. Courtesy and Respect
Forum Content must be civil and where possible it should be courteous. The Top Eleven Forums are a place for positive and constructive interactions between people that play Top Eleven or that have an interest in Top Eleven. Forum activity such as bumping, petitioning, lobbying, cross posting, threatening to quit, signing or +1’ing a thread is not constructive and is not permitted. Top Eleven has a zero tolerance policy for content that violates the rules in this section.

Do not act in an abusive, disrespectful, harassing or otherwise hostile manner and do not haze or attack others. Do not discuss politics or religion as they do not relate to Top Eleven and have a tendency to cause flame wars.

Do not discuss or debate the moderation of the Forums or the Rules of Conduct. Do not incite, promote or endorse legal actions or boycotts against Top Eleven or any other entity. Do not share personally identifiable information.

Failing to comply with the above (or any other of the ten forum rules), will prompt Moderators and Administrators to send you a warning and/or take direct action, depending on the gravity of the violation.

This forum has, for the longest time, been an open platform for discussion and sharing of minds and ideas. This forum is not a battleground and it, will, not, turn into one. Respect each other, leave your differences aside and discuss. Lets not escalate things to the point of taking draconic measures. I am personally an advocate of good will and am completely fine of leaving even controversial topics to go on. Generally we're trying to let all the people on the forum talk about everything Top Eleven related, as long as it's in accordance with the established rules and in the worst case scenario are issuing warnings. Lets not go to the point of agreeing with the 'ol "That's why we can't have nice things".

Again, for the longest time, has the forum been a very civilised place with very decent and quite mature people. Once in a while tensions might spark but nothing of the likes from the past day. It is our sincere request to politely ask that everyone here respect each other, that everyone (again) puts their differences aside and share their views and experience with each other. This is the only way in which a coherent message can be gathered from your threads, topics and posts.

It is mine and everyone's hope over here that you will contemplate on this message. And I personally believe that the forum community can remain being the fine example of what a very decent gaming community can be, not to mention the most well versed when it comes to any matter Top Eleven related.

All the very best,


Just like our great Moderators, us Admins are also available for PMs. You can always leave us a message regarding any concern you may have. We don't bite.