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Thread: Start of the German tour

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rebelsunited View Post
    I've done it from third attempt . Still very happy about it
    Hey congratz bro. Finally my team belong to the elite lol. I won it in 4th attempt.
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    Quote Originally Posted by VladimirPutin007 View Post
    Ok guys.

    First of all i retract all my bad statement regarding germany tour.

    Why? Because after 4th attempt i finally won it in one clean sweep. ))))

    I got two teams one 7* with average 136% and another secondary team just minnows 6* with average 114%. Just decent not so great.

    In my opinion this tour is just a lucky tournament and nothing to do with managerial skill set, yes u need very much lucks on your side to win it. My 7* team still failed to win even after 7th attempt rejoined it. So i gave up coz no need to waste too much precious tokens and still failing.

    So i change to my minnows team which is clearly very underdog. 114% just decent not great. In 4th attempt after tweak strategy o found interesting anomaly how to win it. Later i will test with my super team to look if it is true.

    How to win? This is what i found after so many trial error. Every strategy defer from each other and this analysis just working wonder for me and i am ought to share with u guys that have same problem like me in the tour.

    1. Training all your bonus requirement into full 10%.

    2. I use 1-2-2-3-1 with two DC, each WB, two MC, each AML/R, AMC, and just one striker coz my striker was lousy and insignificant.

    3. Gungho mode. I played very aggresif coz no need to over defensive with superior this 8-9* teams. U play defence u'll lost when they keep attacking you, this is what i've learnt. Just keep attacking. When u pressure this monstorous teams will fall back and must defence. (Some how worked)

    3. Keep perimeter check. Use offside strategy. This will deter their attack for most time i supposed. (Clearly true coz my possesion is somehow weirdly higher than those monstrous teams).

    4. Use ATTACK BONUS. This will work with decent not very good team like i had.

    5. Use Normal tackle. Dont tackle too rough coz it def give then penalty or fk which is 90% they will score. Keep minimise contact.

    6. Pray for lady LUCK with u. This is true. I failed to win with my 7-8* players but finally won with decent 5-6* players. Weird right? I dont know what to call but it was just pure luck. Somehow their tour system does not bother with star rating players you have.

    So i finally won. I wish luck for all of you who did not won yet.

    Sory for my bad english its my 5th language. )))
    None of these work. The game is totally random whatever you use. It goes better for me to go defensive than in full attack pressure.
    Not your fault for the tips, it's just the game that generates shit for each team.

    Start of the German tour-capture3.jpg
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    A 100% team can beat 180%
    Really? Thats bullshit
    12 token reenter to win 100? To much.

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