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Thread: Green for changes in match

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    Angry Green for changes in match

    Dear, I write this because I am tired of making changes in the matches to win the rest package or in any case to change the strategy of the team and in none of the cases these changes are made.

    There are already several games in the season and today I get tired. There were 2 matches that happened the same in AF and UCL.

    In both cases it was to move the strategy. in AF I ended up losing and in UCL happily I was superior in 10% and in tactics I already knew that I also won it.

    But the changes were never made even though I made them before I finished the first 45 'to make sure and it can not be that even putting 3 goals these are not made. And the logic of football? Should not the party stop for the changes to be made? Attached evidence of the game I played a few minutes ago.

    Messrs. Administrators take into account and see if for consideration give me back the breaks ...

    Green for changes in match-screenshot_2018-01-21-19-21-54.jpg
    Green for changes in match-screenshot_2018-01-21-19-22-11.jpg
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