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Thread: Anyone still have a 100% league record this season?

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    Anyone still have a 100% league record this season?

    I introduced my partner to the game a few months ago and she’s killing it. Level 6, 15/15 in the league. Topping all individual player charts by miles. I have been a very useful assistant, but her record seems incredible. Built a 106% rated squad on the max amount of freebies the game offers and her team are a joy to watch.

    Mine on the other hand, 125% rated, level 31 and this season iv been turned over by an inactive 76% team at home and anyone within 10% lower than me has stuffed me. Out of both cups so decided to have an overhaul. buy new 18yr olds for a new formation next season and tank outside the top 8 in the league this year. Anyone need a ML or MR, DL or DR? 😂

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    Actually isn't such a big deal anymore to win with 0 loses the League or to win all the games. Before used to be cool I guess but recently to many people did it so nothing fun anymore.

    Yet, as a personal record I guess is something we everyone want.

    Here's a perfect league road... 0 goals conceded, 0 loses, 0 draws, 26 victories...

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