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Thread: A real farce in German challenge

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    A real farce in German challenge

    Having lost narrowly in the last game, decided to take the plunge and invested another 18 tokens. Won all the way up to the last city. With like 16 mins to go, click on the last city challenge and message came out something like "the FA is unable to process request due unavailable time slot". Seriously??

    Below are the screenshot evidence. So what is Nordeous going to do about this? Would it be fair to ask that I be credited with the 100 tokens and emblem (i want this emblem badly).

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    well you decided to play it very late, this challenge was up for like 2 weeks and they also incremented the days for playing.
    imo tho you should get at least the tokens you've spent (18) bcs there was no time to play the last match.