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Thread: This game is fixed by Nordeus engine

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    Angry This game is fixed by Nordeus engine

    Hello litle poff that this game is realy stupid.

    First of all what you can check by youself. Make new acc and play first match against bot. Its frienly match but you can change tactic players even you can put strikers in GK possition and you still win with that same resoult all time.

    Players can win even with 5% of condition
    Some screen

    3. Strange match in cup ? YEA GO MORE NORDEUS

    first match with 11 vs 10

    3:3 in away match . Oponent dont watch this match and dont change tactic
    So what you can think ? If i can draw 3;3 away match so my team is beter
    But home match O.o ? There was 10% diferent between me and my oponent

    4. So lets play friendly match against 15lvl player (im 37) This player is 100% afk player, no train no tactic no bonus.
    So if 10% better player from cup match can beat me 8;0 , what should be resoult between 37 lvl na 15 lvl ?
    Suprise xDDDDDDDDDD proof that enemy has 15 lvl

    5. Chinese team, tactic without any ST so its illegal formation what should be resoult ?

    Suprise !

    6. Tactic give you advantage in this game ! This is replay to my blame on support center . Set better tactic and you can win ! << tactic << final resoult

    What can say nordeus for this ?

    GG for this game and GG for this Support Team. They dont know what they say or its auto reply.

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    All those above, are known and repeated cases so I would answer with the same way, some old copy-paste.
    Καλώς ήρθατε στο Ελληνικό φόρουμ

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    “....we are all playing the same game, it just depends on how you execute it”
    Yes we are playing the same game. But does execution have a large effect or is it simply a RNG game where it’s a dice roll and some people are just plain luckier? If execution has such a great effect then give concrete steps.

    “Dont give in to unfortunate situations....”
    Excuse me, some players are paying cold hard cash to win this game. This isn’t a FFA game where nothing’s at stake. This is an utterly irresponsible statement.