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Thread: Level 1 playing level 30

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    Level 1 playing level 30

    Hi, I am just a bit concerned that beginners are allowed to be the same team skill rate as players who have 3 years playing the game.
    I know it is in the association games but how is that a level playing field for the players who have been playing for years? Surely they have to start at the bottom like we had to! I think this needs to change. I am getting fed up with players that dont turn up for games week in week out and never train yet get sneaky wins. It cant be all about the tactics you play. Everything has to be considered. Some of the formations allowed are absolutely comical.

    I know just like others that there is some cheating going on with bots and certain apps giving cheaters tokens and money etc from the early days. I am just wondering how can that be fun for the cheaters? Is there anything being done about this?

    Maybe i am just whinging and hate losing but i hope your not making it a level playing field to try and keep accounts? Get rid of fake, no activity and cheaters accounts. If your doing well with your team then its for a reason. Then pop comes along a team with silly formations and tactics and you get beat. No way are players paying for tokens and having top rated players at level 1 without cheating.

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    i don't think there is token/money hack tools until now,

    but if you think those lvl 1 team is cheating, you also can do the same.

    but in asso, it does't matter what level you are, we are all the same,

    if you don't want different lvl team play in same asso, so what is the different between Asso and the Cup or C.league ?

    and what is the point for asso match to be exist ?

    actually Its good asso match to be like current way because we can fight many kind of opponent from diff level and diff server,

    not just stick to face same opponent from same server and same same lvl in the leage/cup/c.league, it ridiculously boring
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    Behind many LV1 teams in associations, there are experienced managers.

    Anyway, if I was starting the game now, it would a good challenge to play vs higher lv managers.
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