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Thread: Not FAIR

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    Not FAIR

    I have up to 5 matches in one day with no medical kit ­čÖâ­čÖâ

    image uploader

    Any help or advice!

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    In the blue games you are not loosing condition.
    In the red game, use your second team and in the green, use your best players.

    * Don't use High pressing or man to man in your orders (for the next 2-3 months) !
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    That's a pretty hard program for you there.

    Just as Nik said, the "blue games" won't affect your players in any way but indeed is important for your players before they join those game to have a very good condition and moral which somehow force you to invest more packs in your team, yet, you must remember that those games are optional and it was your own decision to join them.

    Regarding the other games, 3 games in one day, I see that one of them was scheduled at 1 AM which means more likely that your opponent changed the time so isn't the game fault. Yet if he didn't it means that day before your program was really relaxed and you had to play only one game. Enough time to recover a bit more your players condition.

    Without being rude, I don't see any problem to be fair.
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