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Thread: nationality

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    Quote Originally Posted by sasha m View Post
    altiplano, buddy. there is possibility to edit them like that. show us one from regular transfer market.
    That's a youth academy player, fair enough. Why would someone change the nationality on a 2 star 18 year old?
    Transfer market? I'll keep looking.

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    if it's academy, is it not natural they are homegrown local boys?
    changing all your teams flags and names is only 28 tokens max, not that bad if you care about such things. I'm more curious why is that disproportion there in game to begin with.
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    add myanmar

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    this guy is totally a troll

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    Just my opinion I think that the nr of nationalities of a player may be in proportion to the nr of the active players and their nationalities in a particular sever. Of course the main nations will always be there. It is understandable that you won't have the same number of French players and Lithuanian for example, but in case of countries like China or Indonesia of course you are gonna have many players with that nationality even thou you can't name a single Indonesian player in real life, because the game is popular there and this satisfies the local player.

    Maybe it will be good to increase the nr of players of a certain nationality to be more realistic, like more Croatians for example they are never out of talents.
    It can still be fun to collect players of rare nationalities as a hobby for example.
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    Asian players are potatoes.

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