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Thread: Ticket Price suggestion

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    Question Ticket Price suggestion

    I am currently at level 21 and set my ticket price at 45 for all championships and the Stadium capacity is full.
    So, do u guys know the exact price setting for the levels?
    Thanks in advance.

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    maybe no specific price, if your stadium is always full, just increase the price little by little until the attendance start to decrease,

    then choose the best income you can get. sometimes you can get higher income with less attendance and high price ticket

    but make sure you still can get 5% bonus without full attendance.

    income = attendance X price

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    Level 22 my prices were around 90 each, lower in league, higher in cup and CL. My team has a strong history, maybe improved my prices. I aim for 4% attendance bonus, raise prices when a match has 5%.

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    Make max price and be Real Madrid , your aim should be son of King's team.

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