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Thread: How bright is your future?

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    How bright is your future?

    With reference to the thread titled "Win triple crown after 5 years of play?" The question I'm asking is "how bright is your future?"
    This is a guy who has been playing Top Eleven for 5 years and now realises the predicament his team is in. Not at the top of his server yet he's in the worst possible place to be within the game - playing catch up as the game engine tries to reduce the number of leagues it needs to generate. Season after season he's going to get champions leagues against teams from 3 levels above him, cup opponents guaranteed to be 1 level above and the same old active managers in league after league.
    Eventually he'll hit the top of his server, but how many seasons of suffering will he have to endure? The game engine probably won't allow him to tank, as it needs all the active managers it can muster to keep levelling up to fill the higher levels.
    5 years of playing. That's 65 seasons. To find himself in this situation. That's why our future isn't bright.
    This is why when I tank with either of my teams it's to prolong my enjoyment of the game............and to postpone the day when I reach this dead end................... And quit.
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    season 48, LV39 for me.
    How bright is your future?-history-d26.jpg

    Very close to win my 18th treble.
    I believe till LV42 I 'll get my 20th treble which was the target after my 10th treble and a long break of 5 seasons.
    After that, I 'll make another break of 4-5 seasons, let some people to move on above levels and then maybe try for ten more.

    If I 'll see at some point that my team will stuck at the top of the server or near there, with same oppo and +1, +2 levels above, gonna end the career of NIK and if I feel good, I 'll start with a team I have in lv1 again.
    I was lucky that join the forum very early (LV2) and had a good career.
    This guy isn't so lucky as he discovered the forum near the "game over".
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