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Thread: I want to become a great manager. Winning trebbles

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    I want to become a great manager. Winning trebbles

    In real life great football managers are known to be winners. Winning their matches and collecting throphies left and right. They are not afraid of any team and they always love to play with the best teams.

    To become a great manager here in top eleven is it a good idea to sell all almost 50 -70% of your quality player and replace most of them to some mediocre player enable you to not drawn by some good quality managers on the new season?. Winning trebbles by manipulating or I call it abusing the system make you a great managers?. it only shows how illogical you are in real life. This game should be played for fun not to get bored playing against 40-60% quality teams lower than you are and if get beaten whine in this forum that your super team had beaten against a dead team and try to frighten people by quiting the game which seems to be ridiculous.

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    I guess everyone who's playing this game is trying to have fun by playing it their way (at least this is what i do)
    Ps I don't see any difference between those who are whining after losing against a "dead team" and those who are whining because they don't like how others are enjoying playing this game.

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    welcome to the forum and in the game too (as I can see it's you first season).
    If you have some suggestions about the game, how it can be better, here is the relative section

    feel free to share your ideas without judging other managers
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