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Thread: Auctions, Scout or Negotiations?

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    Dreamer Temidayo_'s Avatar
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    Auctions only. I never use Scouts or recommendations. Auctions are the cheapest means of signing players, if signed players turn out to be fluff, you can cut your losses quickly.

    I have signed 7 players this season for 1 token each, and it's not for a lack of tokens. I have over 600T.

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    In my opinion the best strategy is a mix of auction and negotiation. Auctions to buy 4* low 5* ft and negotiation to buy ready players with white skill over 170%. I usually fill my starting 11 with 6 young fast trainer (18-21 yo) that I train until 130/140% and the rest are older player with high white skills. This way I won't run out of green packs to train the young players and I won't run out of tokens to buy players on negotiation. In rare cases I bought the 79T weekly recommended player (it must be exactly what I need in that moment). Every season I replace 3-4 players.

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    Never ever buy scout players, too many tokens for a player who is 22+

    Negotiations where i buy 18 or 19yr olds ready for matches

    auctions where i buy 18 - 19yr old low 80 players for the squad and 58/78 players for onward selling through negotiations
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    auction is the best place to train a mutant,

    buy 3*/4* 18 yr/o player with just using 1 Token cost,

    and train the white skill only.

    119% 79T player, and scout is already too old and their grey skills is quite high also, even though there is 18 yr/o player at negotiation, but their grey skills also quite high, so not really worth to train become mutant
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    Auction only even the first day,just focus on 5stars players 80-85%.
    Train them and you have a superb team for the rest of the season.
    Scout players if for holidays only
    I never use nego cause i rarely find 18year old players.

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