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Thread: Somebody, Nordeus, please explain this

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    Somebody, Nordeus, please explain this

    I have a very strange competitor in my league. Our level is the same, level 9. But my competitor has a mutant player.

    I know about the training regime, i know we can get players with low gray attributes but high white attributes. But this one, my competitor, is really magical, he has a lot of 18-year-old player with 1% all gray attribute. How did he get it? Is there a player in the market with 1% all gray attribute?

    Note carefully, OUR LEVEL IS SAME. Level 9. This is not because of the difference in level. Even he have USD 100.000, spend for special trainer, still, HOW he get 18 year old player with 1% all gray attribute? What market?

    Somebody, please explain this. I give you screenshot, 3 from 11 player he have. Somebody, Nordeus, please explain this-screenshot_20180409-150010.jpgSomebody, Nordeus, please explain this-screenshot_20180410-122644.jpgSomebody, Nordeus, please explain this-screenshot_20180410-122654.jpg

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    you must read to understand how.
    I merged your thread as it has the same subject and already explained
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