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Thread: Important game disconnects continually

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    Angry Important game disconnects continually

    In my league there's a very strong team, ave. 136% with 3 players over 140%. My team is ave. 123% and all my players are 121-127% so no real weaknesses.

    We're both 7 and 0 but his team has scored more goals, and we have our six pointer. I've maxed everything; fitness and moral, and carefully placed my players.

    The time comes and as I click to view the game the screen says cannot connect, and the spinning tiny thing sits there for what seems like ages. I'm right next to the router, the internet radio is playing through my laptop and my phone is getting Facebook updates.

    I reload and we're 12 mins in. He scores, then I score, then it disconnects. I reconnect for a few secs and it disconnects. I reconnect and start playing and I'm soon 2-1 up. It disconnects and won't reconnect until minute 89 and I'm 3-2 down.

    If I'd lost to a better team I'd not be so f-ing pi**ed off as I am. Fk Top Eleven, seriously Fk
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    yes maan hit dem in da asS the servers of da game seems broken this happens always to me and guess when (in da most important games ever like knouckouts)