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Thread: nordeus whts goinbon!?????

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    nordeus whts goinbon!?????

    wht the hell is this nordeus!???

    i dont have any lose in the leage but just 2 lose bcoz of ****ing bugs in last 10 days!!!
    if u cant manage well
    send a message to all managers to leave the game and say we cant do anything anymore!!!!
    always alot of managers leaves

    i want back my points!!!

    i was lose two times with lower opponnets!!!!

    this is call ****!!!

    top eleven admin i want reply and do somthing for this bug!!!

    why top admins dint answer my feedback in the game!????

    **** topeleven

    we dont want ur challenges
    every time in start or end of chalanges u have problem
    and now im losing the leage!!!

    We need a position on what's going on with the game today. and last this ten days!!!!

    - Associations unavailable
    - Offline Servers
    - Games by WO in favor of the principal, when there are 11 players from both sides

    Lots of complaints and no positioning. Maintenance during the day? Did they ruin something more than anticipate the new event?

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