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Thread: international or world cup : suggestion !

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    international or world cup : suggestion !

    The training and matches drains a lot of condition.

    Managers have to decide where to place the free 25 daily rests and the rare tokens they receive on their home team or their national team ?

    Placing them on home team = no chance for the national team in world cup and the opposite = suicide in league , CL , and cup.

    My friends are not spending rests and tokens on national team ( world cup ) and their teams are by now around 85 % and they might reach 90%.

    The rewards provided by the world cup don't equal the resources needed to prepare a team that can really compete with people who spend money ...

    Less than 10 tokens will be rewarded ( see attachment )... and the emblem + shirt + star are decorative things ....

    All the rests that will be rewarded will be wasted on training to reach 10% bonus and play games ...

    How to fix this dilemma and encourage all managers to invest in world cup ?

    I suggest that developers allow managers to play for regular competitions + 2nd version of the world cup with same players , thus purchasing suggested players ( at same prices shown now) and investing rests can be worthy ... .

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    The rewards are definitely not worth the effort. Is there any penalty for just stopping playing the int'l cup?

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    Quote Originally Posted by CoachB View Post
    The rewards are definitely not worth the effort.
    yep, all the people who took it seriously and played some games, already spent much more than all the prizes (tokens + sources I mean).
    2 of 32 of the IC groups will win the jersey - wich is a remarkable prize.
    it's not a contest for winning but for having fun and spending only. I think it's obvious.

    Is there any penalty for just stopping playing the int'l cup?
    no, you can focus only in the other competitions.
    Go with 60% team in the IC for whatever will come.
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    have to agree there is no point in building up a good team end of the day nothing will come of the team.
    and as Niko has said if you do build a good team you will lose in the long run because of the amount of spending you do to get it there.
    win a jersey wow all it is is visual you will still play as a colored spot on the game play.
    only a handful of people will get a new player out of this and how good that player will be will depend on how much you spent to build him up so really hes not a free player as you have to spend to get him to that star he will end up.
    I like to challenge but the prizes suck if you want to be really competitive.
    it's a challenge for the money men we all can play it yes but you all know if you don't buy to improve the team you won't win it.
    Game engine seems a bit strange to me.
    numerous times ive went on to score 1st and lose the game.
    I've even lost from 2-0 then the other one when you go 2-0 down you instantly score to make it 2-1 to give it that exciting feel.
    that's what I'm seeing anyway in my games.
    Also you can destroy a team then play that team again to try for another free player with same tactics but with a added stronger player from the game you won previous yet you struggle to beat them the 2nd time around you can even lose against them.
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    the engine of world cup matches is different from that of regular competitions ..

    after playing more than 100 matches with 7 different teams I can affirm that results are random despite the same tactics, formation + better players, ...

    I also observed that teams with condition around 30% condition at the begin of the match can win even if players reached 5% at end of game

    You tend to lose or get an unfair draw if you have a lot of players on benches, better to release the weak ones as u progress ...

    You can win matches even without activation of bonus ...

    last but not least, I discovered that my players grew 1 year 2 days ago now they hardly gain skills after training and matches ...
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